Founded in 2018, HXDOLL is a leading sex doll brand that defines "realistic sex dolls in the future". HXDOLL has been loved by over 5000 sex doll lovers. We are committed to realistic and best sexual experience.

Do you know what's the most realistic sex doll?  You will absolutely think they are real humans when you first see them. If you are looking for sex dolls that look real, HXDOLL will bring you a brand-new experience in shopping realistic sex dolls.

We believe that there are infinite possibilities between humans and sex dolls, a sex doll can be a human lover, a faithful companion, or a photographic model. There are unlimited possibilities in the future world, why not be bold to find your soul mate?

We give each sex doll a unique name, and we treat them like real people. All our love dolls will help overcome your loneliness, helplessness and self-abasement. So we also hope that all customers who buy our dolls should treat them well, remember to share with us the story of you and the sex doll in time, this is what we have always hoped to see!


About Us

In addition to our own brand of HXDOLL, we have also reached cooperation with more than 20 + well-known sex doll factories. Our products include sex dolls of any category you know, such as silicone sex dolls, TPE sex dolls, and even niche mini sex dolls, anime sex dolls. We have always been proud of our products and quality services, since we are one of the best companies in the sex doll market that really care about user experience.



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CEO, co-founder

Wilson is a leading figure in the sex doll industry. He worked for a well-known sex doll brand in 2015 and gained a huge amount of sex doll knowledge.

He tried to have sex with sex dolls for the first time in 2015, and since then, he has had 5 real sex doll wives!

After knowing the high demand for sex dolls in 2018, he resigned and founded HXDOLL

He knows how to buy a real sex doll and buy it at a reasonable price. It can be said that no one knows sex dolls better than him.


COO, co-founder

Abby is an expert in digital marketing, she is proficient in various forms of PPC advertising, content marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. She has served many listed companies and completed many successful projects. She is now the co-founder of HXDOLL.


CTO, co-founder

Luke is a PHP and front-end programmer, good at building websites with good user experience, and helped HXDOLL solve many technical problems.

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