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Articulated Fingers Guide

Articulated Fingers Guide

Sex doll articulated fingers is a type of sex doll skeleton, sex doll articulated fingers allow the doll’s fingers to pose like a human’s. Traditional sex dolls have no finger joints, so the fingers are like liquid and cannot be posed. An advanced sex doll articulated fingers look like the following, looks great, right?

Articulated Fingers Guide

But it’s a paid option, will cost over $200, when you place an order, consider whether this option is really suitable for you. If you have the ultimate pursuit of the reality of the doll and want it to perform various actions, then we recommend that you choose it.

Do all sex dolls have articulated fingers?

No, not all sex dolls have Articulated Fingers, in fact, this option is only available for some specific doll body type, for example, articulated fingers option is only available for JYDOLL 157cm, 161cm, 162cm, and 163cm TPE body types.

Do mini sex dolls have articulated fingers?

No, mini sex dolls under 100cm don’t have articulated fingers option, but there is an alternative option called hose finger bones. It has the same function to post the doll’s fingers, but you will not see the finger joints like humans.