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Tom: 170cm Full Body Silicone Black Male Sex Doll

Original price was: $2,949.00.Current price is: $2,899.00.

27cm Qita Male Sex Doll Butt with Big Dildo

Original price was: $379.00.Current price is: $279.00.

What are the most realistic male sex doll in 2024? In fact, there are several types of male dolls in the market: Standard TPE male dolls, Standard silicone male dolls, Custom TPE male doll with realistic makeup, Custom silicone male doll with realistic makeup. Our life-size male doll lifelike adult toy 18+ are both for women and men.

Among these dolls, a modern silicone sex doll with realistic makeup will be the most realistic male doll. You'll get them in our ultra realistic sex doll series, the price is over $2799, buy it now!

On the one hand, technological advancement paves the way to more and more sophisticated and state-of-the-art technologies and enhanced technologies for our entertainment. Digital libido is really exceeding the concept of intimacy by saying goodbye to the idea of usual personal relationships. Our collection has been created and skillfully made using various materials to satisfy even the most intimate of your wishes. When talking about such man dolls one cannot ignore the fact that each doll a masterpiece. These realistic sex doll take many days to settle and one cannot deny the fact that they surpass the level of realism making it a unique pleasure.

Each of the dolls in this category allows you to experience the most beautiful encounter in life with physical allurement and fantasy. Perhaps it is native simplicity, charming uniqueness, classic beauty, eye-catching sketches, or adorable innocent features that you pay the most attention to. But they are all represented in our collection, and each one gives you the opportunity to turn your dream into reality. The amazing world of adult exploration opens up now with our collection of high-quality sensual sexual dolls.

Types of Male sex dolls for Women

In fact, there are many types of male dolls, for example, inflatable dolls, silicone male dolls and TPE male dolls. In our shop, we never sell any blow up sex dolls, we only sell TPE & silicone male dolls. Silicone dolls usually cost more, but they are more realistic.

Features of these lifelike male dolls

Super Realistic

Though each brand’s male sex dolls have their own characteristics, they look the same as real men. For example, Irontechdoll is good at making TPE and silicone male dolls, their TPE and silicone dolls have different penis size, TPE dolls only have two penis size options, but the silicone dolls have four size options.


If you are not able to find your own boy sex dolls, just choose our custom male sex dolls, you can make your own doll to look like celebrities and porn stars. Contact us now if you want to make your own dolls.

Multipurpose male sex toy doll for anyone

These adult toys are great sex dolls for women and men. Most dolls are for women, but we also have gay male sex doll for sale. These male sex dolls be on top when having sex because they can have anal sex.

Price of male dolls

Male dolls are not cheap because they are heavier than female sex dolls. TPE male sex dolls usually cost $1500 to $2400, and silicone male sex dolls usually cost over $2500. That’s expensive, right? However, if you need a cheap full size real doll, we have AF male dolls and 6YE male dolls for you. Otherwise, you can buy a torso male sex doll.

Things you need to know before buying a male sex doll

In our male adult doll shop, you can buy life-size male sex doll models. Our manufacturers pay great attention to the selection of such materials in order to bring the lifelike adult man sex doll as close as possible to the anatomical features of a man, and women could embody all their wildest fantasies. Here are some tips for male real doll buyers.

Consider how much weight you can handle

Unlike male sex torsos and mini male sex dolls, a 170 cm life-size male body sex doll weights over 50 kg!  It’s so much heavy, It is even as heavy as a real man, please choose the doll you can move first.

Consider buying an extra penis for your doll

Most male dolls have the penis option, which allow you to select the penis size when you order. But you can select only one size, for example, you selected a 15 cm dildo, you can buy an extra dildo to replace it when you need to wash the penis. Sometime, it’s cool to have a shemale sex doll because these dildos can be installed on a female sex doll.

Sex Doll Care

To keep your doll long-lasting, we recommend cleaning the love holes and washing the penis after each use. Wash your doll’s love holes and penis with warm water and antimicrobial soap. Rinse holes thoroughly and dry thoroughly. You can let the doll dry on its own, or you can wipe the inside of the doll with an absorbent cloth.


When using the doll, be sure to use a water-based lubricant. Never use silicone or oil-based lubricants. They destroy dolls!

Bathing doll

The doll can be washed, but it should be done carefully, using soap or a mild detergent. Never rub your nipples, pubis, or face vigorously. Do not use harsh chemicals, acetone, or alcohol. They can damage skin tone and silicone. In addition, excessive friction can disrupt the vegetation on the body.

Each doll is provided with detailed instructions, including all the basic information in which you can read about the methods of caring for your doll, doll specifications (body type, skin tone, makeup, special options, etc.)

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