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Sex doll torsos are sex toys made from human torsos. These torso sex dolls are the size of a real person. These torsos retain the core function of the sex doll.
In order to meet the needs of most people, we have designed and produced a variety of torso dolls. There are some popular life-size half torso sex dolls in HXDOLL shop: male torso sex doll, female torso sex doll, TPE & Silicone torso sex doll.
If you’d like a torso sex doll with head, then you are in the right place, all our torso sex toys are with head except sex doll leg torsos.

Benefits of Sex Doll Torsos

  • Low Price: They are cheaper than a full body sex doll since they are not so heavy.
  • Portable: They are half the size of a real human, so they are easy to move, you can even put them in a suitcase.
  • Realistic: These dolls are made of quality TPE and Silicone