Unlike most full body sex dolls, a sex doll torso will be cheaper and portable. These torso sex dolls are easy to use and clean. There are the most popular life-size half body sex doll torsos and sex doll legs, sex doll butts in HXDOLL shop.
If you’d like a torso sex doll with head, then you are in the right place, all our torso sex toys are with head except sex doll leg torsos. You can also get a sex doll head with oral function here.

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New Realistic BBW Half Body Torso Sex Doll with Head

Original price was: $999.00.Current price is: $899.00.

Small Tits Elf Sex Doll Torso with Silicone Head

Original price was: $999.00.Current price is: $889.00.

New Human Life Size Sex Doll Torso with Silicone Head

Original price was: $999.00.Current price is: $899.00.

35cm Korean Female Anchor Sex Doll Pussy Torso

Original price was: $521.00.Current price is: $398.00.

28cm Realistic Sex Doll Pussy with Pink Labia

Original price was: $699.00.Current price is: $499.00.

Qita Female Sex Doll Butt TPE Torso

Original price was: $489.00.Current price is: $379.00.

Male Sex Doll Torsos

These male sex doll torsos are the best sex toys for women because they are lifelike and cheap. We've featured the best male sex doll torsos here, get your own dolls now!

Torso Sex Doll Buyer's Guide

Table of Content

  • What is a sex doll torso?
  • What does a sex doll torso look like?
  • Benefits of sex doll torsos

What is a sex doll torso?

A sex doll torso refers to a sex doll that is only created from the waist down, below your private parts, without a head, neck, arms, or legs. As we all knew before, the greatest silicone materials are primarily used to construct these sex dolls.

What does a sex doll torso look like?

I assume everyone is familiar with the English definition of TORSO. The definition of a torso is the portion of the human body that is not comprised of the head, neck, arms, or legs. Half-body sex doll torsos are easier and lighter to use than full-body sex dolls. These torso sex dolls are the size of a real person. These torsos retain the core function of the sex doll.

Benefits of Sex Doll Torsos

  • Low Price: They are cheaper than a full body sex doll since they are not so heavy. Half-body sex dolls are also frequently used as a starting point for people who are just beginning their journey into the world of sex dolls because they are less expensive, simpler to use and provide the finest experience imaginable.
  • Portable: They are half the size of a real human, so they are easy to move, you can even put them in a suitcase.
  • Realistic: These dolls are made of quality TPE and Silicone, they are realistic too.


The realistic features of a sex doll’s torso include maintaining privacy, being easier and lighter to use, and being far less expensive than a full-body sex doll. A full-bodied person's torso is half the size of a sex doll's. Once you realize you're not the only person living alone, it becomes easier to store and keep a secret from others. Some people like to relate the sex dolls' appearances to their loved ones or lost ones. For this reason, sex doll torso classifications include young, mature, and doll wives.

They are fantasy and excellent

Most torso sex dolls I've seen have large, meaty vaginas. Half-body sex doll torso creation was focused mainly on the Anus, Butt, vagina, and also things colors. The sex doll torso doesn't have the other parts of the body except for the torso parts of the body, which makes the production fantasy and excellent.

Since it is a sex doll body, they are all constructed with varied sizes of anus and vagina, indicating that there are only two sexual options available with this product: anus and vagina.

More sex positions

It resembles a huge, sexy butt on an older woman, and you may attempt many poses with it, like the doggie position, wheelbarrow, and magic mountain. It may tremble like a real woman's ass because it is constructed of soft and very elastic TPE material. To feel meaty and seductive, you can grip or smack the bad girl's fat butt; this is a genuine experience that the typical hole male masturbation equipment cannot provide.

Torso sex dolls are made from the best TPE and silicone materials

It is guaranteed that you will only indulge in sexual activity with products created from the best TPE and silicon materials. This is based on medical examinations, and the dolls are more beneficial than harmful.

Torso sex dolls are safe

To protect your health and avoid exposure to any harmful substances before, sex doll torsos are stored in a cool environment rather than one that is hot. As long as you take precautions to prevent your sex doll from contracting an infection after you acquire it, there was no harm in your interaction with them.

Sex Doll torsos have better sex experience

If you want to enjoy cool sex with a sex doll torso, do nothing at all and purchase immediately for a more sophisticated delight. Enjoy our realistic best sex doll torso for yourself; it feels good to have one nearby all the time.