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Premium Silicone sex doll

One of the most categories is silicone sex dolls. The polymer, which is called the main material of the XXI century, is ideal for the production of super-realistic artificial beauties. It is not for nothing that the undisputed leader in this area, the American company Abyss Creation, uses exclusively silicone of the highest quality to create the world-famous RealDoll.

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Pros of the silicone material

All the beauty of medical silicone was appreciated by doll manufacturers back in the 70s of the last century. Sometimes their love holes were equipped with silicone inserts, which immediately raised the class of the product and, accordingly, its price tag. Models made entirely from valuable raw materials were considered real exclusive and were very expensive.

In terms of several characteristics, realistic silicone sex dolls are one step ahead of their main rivals.

  • More durable and wear-resistant.
  • They are not afraid of high temperatures (you can install a heating system), retain heat well.
  • Less prone to deformation and discoloration from contact with other objects.
  • Simple and easy to maintain.
  • More hygienic due to the non-porous structure.
  • Have a high degree of detail.