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Where To Hide A Sex Doll In My Home?

Where To Hide A Sex Doll In My Home?

Sex dolls are brilliant allies to have in your house, particularly on the condition that you’re a desolate man who has no open doors for engaging in sexual relations with a human accomplice.

Nonetheless, there’s a single small uneasiness concerning possessing a sex doll and holding it in your home. Where to hide the sex doll presuming you have visitors come into your house?

Men will more often than not leave their sex dolls on a bed or couch in case that they live alone. In the event that another person needs to come into the home, for example, a plumber or electrician, it will be marginally embarrassing & awkward g to have a sex doll lying nearby.

But on the other hand, it’s a risk on the grounds that the visitor may attempt to engage in sex with the doll when no other person is near. Would you need your doll defiled by another person having intercourse with it? Yuck, obviously not.

In this way, it is always smart to hide your sex doll before anybody is welcomed into your home. You ought to likewise hide your sex doll at whatever point you leave your house.

Try not to take the risk of another person coming into your home and observing it, regardless of whether it’s a relative or robber. Try to have an assigned hiding space for the doll in your house. The following are the top spots to hide a sex doll in my home, such as:


Your primary intuition will presumably be to hide your sex doll in a wardrobe. This appears to be legit in light of the fact that wardrobes are tiny dark rooms with doors that hide their substance. Supposing you welcome a visitor over to your home, they in all probability won’t peep in your wardrobe except if they have a particular justification for doing as such.

Yet, on condition that you solely have a service person come to your house to fix something, then, at that point, you won’t have to stress over them sneaking about in your wardrobe space.

Wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes. The odds are you have a wardrobe that is large to the point of hiding a sex doll in it. You needn’t bother with a walk-in wardrobe either, on the grounds that you could hang the sex doll by a snare on the rear of its neck.

Numerous sex doll models have a tiny snare covered under their phony skin. You would essentially lift up the fold of skin on the rear of its neck to uncover the snare. Then, at that point, you can balance the doll from that in the wardrobe. Not all sex dolls have this snare, however, it merits an attempt.

Underneath The Bed

One more commonplace where folks hide their sex dolls is underneath their beds. This could conceivably work for you, contingent upon how much space is between your floor and the lower part of your bed.

Try not to press your sex doll underneath the bed assuming there isn’t sufficient space or, in all likelihood, you will wind up destroying it. You ought to have the option to slide or fold the sex doll under your bed without a lot of exertion.

In case that you can fix the sex doll underneath your bed, you might need to avoid potential risks to ensure it isn’t seen. Nevertheless, imagine a scenario in which your visitor drops something onto the floor unintentionally. They might spot your sex doll underneath the bed as they’re coming down to get what they dropped.

You can blockade the doll from sight by setting bags or other personal possessions before it underneath the bed. This should offer you additional inner serenity to realize that it will not be found. At the point when you take the doll back out from underneath the bed, you should clean it down with a dry fabric to make sure it’s neat.


The carport is one more typical spot to hide a sex doll. Supposing that you in all actuality do pick the garage, place the doll in its original storage container as depicted previously. Carports will generally get exceptionally hot and muggy, particularly assuming that you live in a southern U.S. state such as Florida.

It’s smarter to safeguard your sex doll from the moist air to forestall pollution. Even though the greater part of it is contained in synthetic materials, you would rather not chance mold spores forming someplace on the doll.

Carports offer much more space than a shed. Locate a roomy spot in the garage and put the sex doll container in it. Preserve the sex doll in the container at whatever point you go out. The container must not have any photos on it, so nobody will distinguish what’s within it.

The main thing that may prevent you from doing this is assuming you’re stressed over others going into the carport and nosing about. On condition that you live with another person, and you don’t need them to play with your doll, then, at that point, try to bolt the container or keep it covered among other stockpiled items in the garage.

Many individuals hide sex dolls in carports when they own a few sex dolls. On the contrary, it isn’t prescribed to store your sex dolls in a garage for months or years. It ought to just be a transitory concealing space until you’re prepared to take the doll someplace secure and awesome.

Some other suggestions to hide a sex doll in my home might be:

  • The backyard detached shed
  • The trunk of the car
  • Muslin dust bags
  • The shipping box
  • Locked travel / ATA case
  • Golf hard case
  • Storage couch bench
  • Sex doll hanging racks
  • Furniture with in-built storage


It isn’t difficult to hide a sex doll, particularly assuming that you live alone. Your greatest concern ought to be to keep folks from going into your house. Therefore, you should invest in smart surveillance cams for the external of your home. In this fashion, supposing you are ever away from your dwelling for lengthy intervals of time, you can watch out for your doll from a long way.

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