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How to Make a Homemade Sex Doll

How To Make A Homemade Sex Doll

The mind is the most significant sex organ and defines your fun when at it. And that’s the very reason why you can recreate steamy situations out of synthetic dolls and still get the ducking orgasms like business as usual. But one problem with silicone and TPE sex dolls is that their prices can be highly exorbitant, costing a couple of thousands. Hence, a DIY sex doll seems like a worthy substitute for your sexual fantasies. This article will provide insight into making a homemade sex doll for the perfect body pressure releases.

Does Having Sex With Synthetic Sex Dolls Feel Real?

Most people closely relate intimacy with dolls to that with humans, and rightly so. Technology has made that possible, and millions of people find the visual mimicry of human body parts adequately surreal. A vast majority of them think pleasuring the body without emotional attachments or going through the trouble of arranging dates and other endless costly plans with real women is somewhat unsettling. And the satisfying idea of sex dolls being less nagging without such costly demands seems more appealing.

Perhaps, that’s what feels much of a turn-on for people who don’t relish emotional attachments or find such intricate procedures of procuring real women strenuous. And since the mind is essentially a more crucial organ when it comes to having pleasurable sex, then if it’s at ease, it all feels closer to being real – or, actually, it is authentic. Nonetheless, it all comes down to individual perceptions because, while most people feel like it’s all real, others may think of it as mere masturbation.

Can You Make A Sex Doll At Home, Really?

You probably are familiar with sex toys, and perhaps, you’ve at least seen one or have a friend owning one. And if you’ve never owned or used one before, you probably are thinking of having one at the moment. The glad tiding is that you can make a homemade sex doll pretty effortlessly and use materials lying around your home in a few minutes. Besides, it only takes you a few precious minutes to make one, so it won’t be too bothersome or keep you waiting before bursting your nuts.

However, keep in mind that you won’t create a more surreal sex doll, like in silicone or TPE sex dolls, but you’ll have something to actualize your sexual fantasies. But, just some piece of advice: Please don’t use sex dolls without your spouse’s consent or when they strongly disapprove of it. Also, don’t let your sex doll lie around the house in the presence of minors since that won’t be morally appropriate.

How to Make a Sex Doll At Home: Step-By-Step Guide

Perfect orgasms don’t ensue when your penis isn’t snuggly caressed during your in-out thrust movements. Hence, your makeshift doll must meet these requirements if you aren’t planning on using a fleshlight. But as easier as it is to think about creating a comfortable homemade sex doll to shag, you must know your way around making one. Follow this step-by-step guide to make a sex doll DIY toy for your sexual fantasies.

What you Need

  • At least three soft towels
  • A pair of underwear (preferably male boxers)
  • A sock
  • Two wash up sponges
  • Latex glove
  • Rubber bands

Step 1: Create an Artificial Vagina

It’s pretty simple to create an artificial vagina, and don’t put much thought into how best you can create one. Grab your boxers and cut a hole in the penile area – almost the same position as a woman’s vagina would be. Make it nice, round, and sizeable enough to allow your crouch to bore through comfortably.

Step 2: Roll a Sock to Accommodate Your Penis

Roll a sock through the hole, leaving the open end facing you. You don’t have to tie or knit the open end to the garment, since you’ll stuff a few clothes around it for support later on.

Step 3: Stack Some Soft Wash Sponges Together

Stack two soft wash sponges together with a latex glove sandwiched between. Position the glove correctly such that the opening is accessible. Then tie the two sponges together using a rubber band while ensuring that it’s only marginally tight to offer some grip.

Step 4: Shove the Stacked Sponges into the Sock

You want to create an artificial vagina, positioning it rightly in its place to resemble a real vagina. Therefore, shove the stacked wash sponges into the sock, ensuring that the glove’s opening faces you. Ensure that they’re intact and don’t move around when using them. You could try dry-fitting your penis by shoving it inside to feel whether or not it’s all comfy in there.

Step 5: Stuff the Boxers and Simulate Some Limbs and a Torso

Now you need to get the feel of a natural human body, so try stuffing the boxers with some soft towel to create an ass. You can also add more towels to simulate legs and hips. If possible, stuff a T-shirt with towels to create a torso to wrap your arms around as you go about your business.

Tips to Customize Your Sex Doll to Make it Look and Feel Amazing

If you’re obsessed with experiencing a more real sexual experience, you might find customizing your makeshift sex doll more viable. What turns you on in your perceived sexual partner? Is it rounded boobs, a hippy lower body, or a sizeable ass? Here are the tips to customize your homemade sex doll.

Tip 1: Use Inflated Balloons to Create a Booby Chest. Stuff them under the shirt and squeeze them gently as you experience the pleasure.

Tip 2: Add a Styrofoam Wig. That’ll help you create ahead and patch it with your favorite wig type of color.

Tip 3: Create a Sizable Ass and Hips. You could stuff your boxers with more towels if you have a thing for huge butts, but use softer cloths to make it more real.

Note that once you’re done with your business, it’s likely that your artificial coochie could be messy. Therefore, please dispose of your latex glove and replace it with a new one every time it’s about to go down.


Sex dolls are a modern obsession, with most people preferring them more than having an actual sexual encounter with humans. And justifiably so, sex dolls demand less than humans would, including emotional attachment or even in their acquisition. Luckily, you won’t necessarily need to break the bank to buy a silicon or TPE sex doll, but you can make one using what’s cheaply available in your home.

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