If you are looking for a thick sex doll, then you are in the right place, there are black thick sex dolls and thick Asian sex dolls you want. For example: we have Jasmine BBW realistic sex doll thick, and some super thick sex dolls.

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What does thick sex doll mean?

Unlike curvy sex dolls and busty sex dolls, Thick is a slang term for a woman who is very curvy in all the right places. A thick sex doll has a nice round bottom that curves inwards, a pair of perky that are full but not saggy, an hourglass figure that shows off high, full hips and a slim waist, and a feminine face that is not overly made up. And thick sex dolls are designed to look and feel like the real thick women. They are made with your favorite sex aids, so you can enjoy the feeling of being with a real thick woman anytime you want.

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