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Sex Doll Reviews

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Sex Doll Reviews
Sex Doll Reviews

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Custom Sex Doll Head with movable jaw

My experience with was mixed with a negative taste.
I ordered a custom silicone doll head with movable jaw function for nearly the price of a new doll.
I provided detailed pictures and a 3D model for them to create the head.
Unfortunately they completely messed it up.
They didn't provide any preview pictures and started production without waiting for my approval or confirmation.
The result was not even close to what I was expecting, the face didn't match the pictures in the slightest.
How can you possibly see any resemblance in the model and this head?
They offered me a refund of $800 and had to dispose/resell the head.
Customer service was always quick and helpful but that was it.
I don't recommend this company for this type of product.

Sorry for the trouble. We thought the 3D file is the final version that doesn't need changes, so we didn't change it, we start the production directly.

We'll ask customers if their 3D file is the final version next time to ensure the 3D file is right.
Thanks for your feedback, we'll do better in the future.

Body of Jinsoyun

Great design and very light weight for incredible height. Weighs the same as regular 160-170 dolls. This improved lightweight material made it possible to create such a tall doll. For those who love cosplay, you need to order custom-made clothes, due to the non-standard dimensions of the doll. I'm very pleased with this creative approach to bringing game characters into the real world. Incredibly tall and very long muscular legs. The chest and butt are jelly and very soft.


Просто идеально

Movable Jaw Option

I had the opportunity to purchase a product with this option from this company and I can confidently say that this one technology is at the forefront of development in this field. Ofcourse, there is always room for improvement, but after buying a similar product from 6 different companies, this one is at the top of my collection.

Candy review

She is a little pricy, but the quality is top notch. I don’t think you will find better quality anywhere else. Great doll

Like her huge boobs

The doll I got has amazing huge breasts, so sexy that I can't wait to fuck now!

Hot Asian Doll!

The doll touched very smoothly, her skin is soft, like it!

Exactly what I expected

I got my hxdoll Seoa today, I really love the hot Asian beauty. Great experience with HXDoll customer service girl Kristen, would order more in the future, thank you!

Super Sexy!

I got my doll and I love it, the sex doll is super sexy and looks just like a real woman!