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Can I Get a Sex Doll in India?

Can I Get a Sex Doll in India?

No, purchasing sex dolls from overseas is illegal under India’s import laws. And HXDOLL cannot ship any sex doll to India, goods are at risk of confiscation.

Sex Dolls are popular in India

According to HXDOLL customer service, more and more Indians are eager to get a sex doll. Usually they will ask if we can ship dolls to India. In fact, we can ship the product, but the India customers need to clear customs, the import tax is up to 70% of the product value, and it is at risk of confiscation by the custom. This is the reason why we generally don’t ship sex dolls to India.

What’s the best way to get a sex doll in India?

You’d better find an India local sex toy shop and place order there. Since it’s shipped in India, it’s 100% legal, and you’ll get it very soon. Stores like Adult Toys India and Snapdeal are great to get your first sex doll.

Keep in mind, contact them first before place order, you need to confirm if you can get the right product you want, right?


HXDOLL cannot ship sex dolls to India, but we are happy to help you get a sex doll in India, feel free to contact us.