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How Does The Moaning Function Sound? Ultimate Guide

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Need a lifelike sex doll who can talk and moan? Simply add a sound or moaning system to your sex doll. With this sound system, the doll can converse with you or moan when you get physically involved with her. More sensible, right?

The sound/moan system is exceptionally popular with doll proprietors and is certainly worth each penny you spend. In any case, not all sex doll brands offer comparative sound or moaning systems.  Some producers only offer moaning options, and some others design dolls that can even accept voice instructions and use motion sensors to additional enhance the user experience.

The sound/moaning system is exceptionally well-known among sex doll players. In this blog, we will present more data about the sex doll sound system and assist you with studying it.

How does the sex doll sound and moaning system work?

Sex doll creators have the movement sensors introduced inside the doll and afterward join a sound gadget to the head or other body portions of the doll, which is physically controlled by using witches or buttons. When squeezed, your doll will make moaning sounds while you contact or move her.

In any case, not all sex doll brands offer sound systems for their dolls. Some sex doll marks just give moaning choices, while some sex doll creators have even planned dolls that can answer voice orders they get. An intelligent robot doll can answer and respond to your inquiries very much like an ordinary individual.

Where to find the sex doll sound and moaning structure in your doll?

Some sex doll brands have their system introduced in the chest area of the doll. Most famous sex doll brands like WM Dolls, artificial intelligence TECH, SINO, and YL have their sound instruments introduced inside the doll’s head. The sound that emerges from the head will have the feeling of the reality that a doll is talking with its mouth.

You pick where to add the sound system for your affection doll, the head or body part. You can add the sound structure to the body part of your doll. However, this isn’t quite as wonderful as putting it on your head. For individuals who need an immaculate doll body, the head is the best spot to put it. Put on the hairpiece, and you won’t see any hints of the sound system.

How to recharge the sound and music system?

The sex doll sound system has an inside battery that requires an outside power source to charge. Find the charging power port and attach it to a plug to charge the interior battery.

The harmonies give a low voltage/current to the sound/moaning framework, so it is safe to contact the doll while charging the sound system.


  1. Try not to scrub down with the doll furnished with a sound system.
  2. Keep the charging ports or fasteners damp-free.
  3. Put no weighty items on the top of the doll.
  4. Try not to move the doll while charging the sound system.

Ensure the charging port is appropriately sealed before taking your doll to the shower.