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Sex Doll Movable Jaw Guide

Sex Doll Movable Jaw Guide

Among the different customization options, the movable jaw is one of the most sought-after by people seeking an extra degree of realism. Like movable eyeballs and shrugging shoulders, the flexible jaw makes the love doll look and react like a human being.

Is movable jaw available for all silicone sex dolls?

No, movable jaw is only available with soft silicone sex dolls. In the past, sex dolls are made of hard silicone, which makes it hard to create a human-like mouth, however, almost all TPE sex dolls have oral function. In order to realize more human body structures and organ functions, doll manufacturers invented soft silicone doll heads, which made it possible to create silicone dolls with mouths.

Unlike the regular models, the movable jaw has adjustable joints that mimic the movements of a human mouth. Most sex doll manufacturers offer the option as an extra customization option. It gives the doll the expression of an open mouth for a cuter and more appealing outlook.

In addition, the hinged jaw provides a unique feeling that makes the doll look more realistic. For oral sex fans, the convenience of a movable jawline makes the experience more organic and intense. Unlike the standard heads, manoeuvring the mouth is much better, and you can adjust the angles to get the proper grip on your member.

So, if you’re in the market for a super-realistic sex doll, ensure you confirm whether your favorite option allows you to pick a movable jaw.