Buyer's Guide

Sex Doll Orifices Guide


Remember that each sex doll is different in numerous ways. With some dolls, they’re going to have multiple orifices. There is a good chance that you’ll want to play with the doll’s front and back. You may also want to use its hand or mouth. With this in mind, you should check the available orifices.

If you want a sex doll that can be used for anal sex, make sure it has an opening on its buttocks. To get your money’s worth, choose a doll with multiple orifices. Then, you’ll have many holes to enjoy.


You can also choose the overall size of the doll. Each person is unique, since some are fine using smaller dolls. Other consumers want lifelike dolls that match the characteristics of real people. If you fit into the latter category, you should choose a life-sized doll with a vagina and anus. It can even have a mouth entrance.

Be sure to choose a doll that matches your size too. If the doll is too small for you, it will be impossible to fully enjoy it. Get the perfect size for the best experience.

Watch It In Action

Once you’ve found a few sex dolls, you should consider watching them in action. Thanks to the Internet, you can find all types of videos featuring the market’s hottest sex dolls. When you see sex dolls in action, you’ll know how well they’re going to work. The performer will show you how much the legs will bend and how tight the openings will be.

Always check pornographic videos to ensure that you’re picking the best doll for your money.

Read Reviews

If you want to get the best doll, you have to read reviews. While you may find two dolls that look identical, they may have different features. One may use better materials than others. Alternatively, the material might provide a realistic experience. Therefore, you should read reviews for the doll to determine whether prior users enjoyed it.

Sex dolls can be expensive so you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best product. Avoid products that have received a lot of negative reviews from others.

Changeable Clothes

If you’re picking a lifelike doll, you should choose one with changeable clothes. Some dolls will arrive naked while others will have removable clothes. Since some dolls are life-sized, they can wear normal clothes. You can buy lingerie and other items from your local clothing store. Once you’ve done that, your doll can wear the clothes in question.

If you choose a smaller doll, you might have to purchase doll clothes. Otherwise, the doll may not wear clothes at all.

Choosing A Sex Doll For Men

There is no question, sex dolls are more popular now than ever before. It helps that the latest styles have an immense level of realism. When consumers shop for a new sex doll, they already have a style in mind. Regardless of the style, the sex doll must mimic a human as closely as possible. Consumers buy sex dolls for many reasons. It could be to satisfy a fetish or sexual need without human interaction. Whatever the case may be, the human-like sex doll is a hot commodity in the global market.


The average price for a quality sex doll is $1,000. With this said, it is not unusual for a consumer to spend as much as $6,000 on a name-brand sex doll. When it is taking the place of a real sexual relationship, consumers tend to invest more than they can afford.

It is crucial to note, a cheap sex doll is cheap for a reason. The materials – silicone, thermoplastic elastomer, rubber, and plush – alone can cost as much as $500. This is not to mention the design and manufacturing expenses.