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Should I Buy a Plush Sex Doll or Cheap Sex Doll?

Should I Buy A Plush Sex Doll Or Cheap Sex Doll?

There are several ways to tell if you’re looking at either of these products, but it can  be hard to know if you’re looking at one of them before you purchase. This article provides  an introduction to both products, explaining their relative advantages and disadvantages, so  that you can make an informed decision about which product to purchase when it comes  time to pick up your sex doll or dolls.

The word “plush” is a catchphrase that refers to the soft woolen fabric that many stuffed animals are made of. It is also used as a colloquial term for the sex doll industry in general,  which has been booming for the past decade. 

A plush sex doll is an artificial female body with a metal skeleton that can be posed in  different positions. They are designed to look like human females and are often made from  silicone or another high-quality material. Some of them have realistic genitals, while others  do not. 

A cheap sex doll is just as it sounds, a cheaper alternative to a plush sex doll. It’s a good place  for beginners who want to try out an adult toy without spending too much money. If you’re  new to buying adult toys, then you should start off with something affordable that won’t  break your bank account. A cheap sex doll is just what you need because they are inexpensive  but still provide pleasure. The only thing you need to be careful about when buying a cheap  sex doll is that they aren’t of low quality or will break easily after using them once or twice.  You don’t want your first experience with an adult toy not being pleasurable because of poor  quality! 

Cheap sex doll can also be defined as a realistic sex dolls that are made of a less expensive  material. The materials used in making a cheap sex doll are porous and not skin safe. This  makes it important for you to clean your cheap sex doll properly after each use. A cleaning  kit should come with your purchase of a cheap sex doll, but if it doesn’t, then you need to  purchase one separately. You can find them at any adult store or online. It is important that  you use a cleaner that is made specifically for use on a rubber or silicone product, like a cheap  sex doll. 

Differences between plush sex doll and cheap sex doll

The differences of plush sex doll and cheap sex doll are hereby listed below:

1. Plush sex dolls are usually used by those who like sexual toys, these dolls can be said as  real looking girl or boy. Cheap sex dolls are usually used by those who like sexual games,  these dolls can be said as adult toys which do not look like a real person.

2. Plush sex dolls have realistic feeling when you touch them, they will not feel sticky at all, but they will feel soft and smooth to your skin while cheap sex dolls will feel sticky just like  normal rubber products. 

3. Plush sex dolls are usually made of silicone or TPE material, but cheap sex dolls are usually  made of rubber material.

4. Plush sex dolls have better quality than cheap ones, they will not be torn off easily while  you use them in sexual games. Cheap ones will be torn off easily because they are made of  low quality materials. 

5. Plush sex dolls can last for a long time if you take good care of them, while cheap ones can  only last for several months. 

Similarities between plush sex doll and cheap sex doll 

The similarities of plush sex doll and cheap sex doll are hereby listed below: 1. Both of them are made of silicone, TPE or rubber material, which makes them soft and  flexible; you can squeeze them easily. 

2. Both have holes for you to insert your penis into, but there is a little difference in their  sizes: The holes on cheap sex dolls are smaller than those on plush sex dolls; if you want to  buy a large hole one, it’s better for you to choose a plush one. 

3. Both of them are easy to clean, but you have to be careful when cleaning a cheap sex doll;  it’s better for you to use a mild soap or detergent for cleaning it, but not use alcohol or other  chemicals. Don’t wash your silicone dolls with hot water as it may damage your dolls; also  don’t put them under direct sunlight as they may become deformed. 

4. Both of them have similar height, but a cheap sex doll is a little heavier than a plush  one; if you want to buy a lighter one, it’s better for you to choose a plush one. 5. Both of them are made of high quality material, which makes them durable enough for  long-term use; they can last for several years with proper care. 

Advantages of plush sex doll 

1. The plush sex doll is made of TPE material, which is safe, odorless, non-toxic, soft and  flexible. 

2. The plush sex doll has a removable vagina and anus, which can be washed after use with  water or shower gel (avoid using hot water).  

3. The plush sex doll has a realistic skeleton structure that allows you to bend it in any  position as you like. 

4. The plush sex doll will not shrink after washing because it is made of high quality material.  5. There are two holes on its mouth and two holes on its butt for urination and defecation  respectively, which makes it very convenient to clean up after use. 

Disadvantages of plush sex doll

1. The material of plush sex doll is not so good, it will make you feel uncomfortable after  long time use.  

2. The movement of plush sex doll is too simple, there are only a few types of movements for  your choice.  

3. There are no holes on its body, you can’t put your penis into it directly, which makes you  boring when using it. 

Advantages of cheap sex doll 

1. Cheaper than plush sex doll.  

2. Can use it for different purpose.  

3. Can use it in any position.  

4. Does not require maintenance.  

5. You can store it easily.  

6. It does not need a lot of space.  

7. It is easy to carry.  

8. You can take it anywhere you want 

Disadvantages of cheap sex doll 

1. Cheap sex dolls are made of toxic materials, which can cause harm to your body. They will  also not last as long as a high-quality plush sex doll would; you’ll need to replace them more  often than you would if you purchased a higher-quality model.  

2. Cheap sex dolls are made with porous materials, meaning they cannot be properly  sanitized between uses, which puts your health at risk.  

3. A plush sex doll is made with non-toxic materials that make it safe for use in any  environment or situation. 

4. A plush sex doll is meant to replicate an actual human being—it is carefully designed by  experts who know what men want in their ideal partner. 


In conclusion, plush sex doll and cheap sex doll are some of your options when it comes to  choosing a realistic sex doll. You can choose either one depending on your budget. If you are  looking for something that is more affordable, then go for a cheap sex doll. However, if you  want something that looks and feels like a real woman without breaking your bank, then go  for a plush sex doll.

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