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The Impact of Silicone Shortages on the Sex Doll Industry

The Impact Of Silicone Shortages On The Sex Doll Industry

Sex doll toys have become more popular today due to the improved design features that offer a satisfactory service to buyers. This has led to an increase in demand for these toys worldwide. Due to this increased demand, the sex doll manufacturing industries have been left with no option but to increase the production of the toys. However, the production of these toys has been hit by the shortage in the supply of silicone material. Due to this shortage, the prices of sex doll toys may increase in the market to compensate for the shortage. It will also lower the production of the toys, as these are expensive to produce. The manufacturers encounter higher prices of silicone material in the market.

The impact of Silicone shortages on the sex doll industry

The shortage in supply of silicone has incredibly hit many manufacturers that depend on the material to make different kinds of items. The most affected users are the bulk buyers of this item as they will have to purchase the material in large amounts despite the material being less supplied in the market. For this reason, the priority of purchase of silicone material has been given to bulk buyers, therefore, causing headaches to small buyers such as sex doll manufacturers. The demand for silicone material started increasing rapidly when the usage of smartphones and computers boomed. These materials created many uses of the material in their production.

The Impact Of Silicone Shortages On The Sex Doll Industry

Silicone is one of the essential materials in the plastic industry. It is used as a lubricant and a sealant in many sectors. It is also widely used in the sex doll industry to produce sex toys with the best features that perfectly present a clear reflection of a human being. Therefore, when there is a shortage in supply of silicone, this negatively impacts the production of silicone sex dolls. This may lead to an increase in the price of sex dolls, as their demand will be high. In recent months, there has been an increase in demand for silicone. This increase in demand for silicone has resulted from the shortage in supply of silicone material in the market.

This has led to an increase in the prices of the products made of silicone, as the cost of the silicone material in the market today is due to their demand. In addition, because sex dolls made of silicone material are expensive in their production, the increase in the price of silicone will affect the cost of the sex dolls. This will increase the cost of these toys as the manufacturers will have to compensate for the high expenses of raw materials. Some manufacturers still have their prices steady for the time being due to the stockpiles they have. However, these stockpiles may not last for a longer time before getting fished and make the prices increase accordingly.

In addition, the decrease in the supply of silicone in the market will make its priority of purchase be awarded to manufacturers that will buy it in bulk. This will make the sex doll manufacturing industries have no option but to queue for them to get supplied after the bulk buyers. Therefore, when you plan to purchase a silicone sex doll, you must buy it before these impending increases in prices affect you. The price may rise to a certain amount you may not be comfortably believed in, and may also take time to lower again. This is because reducing the cost will depend on the supply of raw materials to the manufacturers.

Several factors lead to a shortage of silicon material in the market. Some of these factors include;

The increased applications of the silicone materials

Silicone is one of the raw materials with many applications due to its unique characteristics. For instance, a semiconductor makes it widely used in the electronics manufacturing industries to make different types of electronics. It is also commonly used in the automotive sector, where the auto manufacturers use it in developing display screens that are high-tech and also the electronic components inside the car. Therefore, these bulk users always have a higher demand for the silicone material, which will make the small users of the material, such as the sex doll industries, lag in supply in case of a shortage of the raw material in the market.

The sanctions of the silicone producing companies

The sanctions made to silicone producing companies reduce the material supply to the market. For instance, the sanctions made by the United States of America government against the tech companies of China from supplying the material to the market contributed to a wider decrease of the material in the market. These sanctions are made due to many factors, including low-quality products.

Low supply rate

About 91% of the production of this material is mainly done in Asian countries such as South Korea and Taiwan. For these countries to increase their material supply to the world market, they must expand their production capacity. However, increasing the production of this material has become a challenge in these countries. Therefore, this activity may take them more than a year to succeed in tooling up the needed tools and testing their product. In addition, the COVID-19 outbreak in China also contributed to a decrease in the supply of the silicone material. During the pandemic, many production companies had to shut down their operations to control the spread of the disease among the employees. This reduced the production of the material, making it much less in the market.


The shortage in the silicone supply has negatively impacted the sex doll manufacturing industries. It has led to reduced production of the toys, leading to a significant increase in the prices of these toys. This is because the manufacturers of the toys use a small amount of the material when producing the sex doll toys. This makes them be given a lesser priority when competing for the small supply of the silicone material in the market.

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