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Small & Large Sex Dolls: What Are The Differences?

Small & Large Sex Dolls: What Are The Differences?

Everyone years for sexual pleasure and a vast majority are getting it from their partners. However, we can't all sail on the same ship, and different reasons push people to use sex dolls. Whether you're a single folk seeking a realistic love doll or a couple looking for a 'non-problematic' third wheel to introduce into the bedroom, these incredible models will spice up your sex life.

Size is one of the most significant considerations to make when buying a sex doll. To the naked eye, it's the most noticeable difference and a prime determinant of convenience, price, and customization options. Like toys, love dolls come in a wide range of sizes, making it easy to pick the exact dimensions you want in your sex partner.

Factors To Consider When Determining The Sex Doll Size

Your Physical Capabilities

Personal comfort is the most essential consideration to make when deciding whether to get a small sex doll or large size sex doll. Are you physically strong enough to lift a full-size doll? Are you comfortable moving your purchase around to make the most of the experience? These questions will help you pick the right size for your sex doll. Remember, a sex doll that is too big for your comfort can affect the sexual experience. Conversely, one that's too small will not provide the desired level of immersion.

So, ensure you strike a balance between sexual excitement and your abilities. Bigger guys will have a broader pool to come from, including giant full-size sex dolls, and the opposite is true.


How much are you willing to spend on a love doll? As anticipated, larger-sized models are pricier than torsos and mini sex dolls. Designing a big model requires more material and detailing, which explains the price difference.

Ensure you pay attention to your budgetary constraints and desired features, ensuring you get the best sex doll size within your budget.

Care & Maintenance

Like price, caring for and maintaining a sex doll varies greatly depending on the size. Larger love dolls have more detailing and moving parts, thus increasing the propensity for breakdown. Full-size models have a metal skeleton and movable joints, which can be broken during use. In addition, cleaning a big model takes more time and effort.

While there's no assurance that a more petite love doll won't break down, you can expect more probability of breaking down and more tedious maintenance with a bigger model.


The size of your preferred sex doll impacts your storage plans. If space isn't an issue and you're yearning for a realistic experience, then getting a full-size model is your best bet. Conversely, if you don't have much space in your bedroom, a smaller-sized model makes more sense. People living in shared spaces and those looking to keep their new sex partner a secret will also appreciate the convenience of a small love doll.

So, consider your storage situation and pick the right sex doll size. Folks with huge storage space won't mind the size, but those limited to a small box or wardrobe space will prefer a mini-doll or a torso. Of course, this might mean dullening the quality of sensations, but there's nothing much to do. Is there?

Customization Options

One of the best things about sex dolls is the ability to customize your choice to the sex partner of your dreams. Unfortunately, the service is usually offered for full-size models, and most manufacturers provide little customization capabilities, if any, for the smaller-sized options.

While most sex doll designers do an impeccable job with the product and not many people will want to add a personal touch, if customization is a priority, ensure you go for a full-size love doll.  

User Preference (Realism)

Like with sex toys, most people are excited about the more realistic models. Some users are fascinated by the human-like appearance of a full-size sex doll and would rather deal with all the concerns of using a big doll than use a smaller one. Similarly, some love doll fans aren't interested in the realism degree and are only looking for a quick wank.  

If you're in it for a quick masturbation experience, a small love doll will be appealing. Similarly, for folks seeking a more realistic look and feel with their sex doll, a bigger model will work perfectly.

Durability & Longevity

As you'd imagine, larger dolls are heavier and more susceptible to wear and tear during use. As stressed before, full-size models have metal skeletons and movable joints that can break when moving and handling them. Conversely, smaller-sized dolls are much easier to handle and maintain, rendering them much easier to take care of and more durable in the long run.

Like care and maintenance, certain factors like the frequency of use affect longevity, and the size might not be an absolute factor when determining longevity. However, when choosing the size, keep in mind larger dolls are more susceptible to wear and tear, especially around joint areas.

Advantages of Owning a Small Sex Dolls

  • They're relatively cheaper.
  • Storage is much easier.
  • Ideal for people with weaker hands or limited mobility.
  • Simplified cleaning and maintenance.
  • The smaller dolls are more durable.

Advantages of Owning a Big Sex Dolls

  • There are more customization options.
  • Ideal for people seeking a super-realistic experience.
  • More customization options are available.  

In conclusion, there are numerous differences between small and big sex dolls, and what works for you will depend on several factors, including personal preference, budget, storage plans, and physical comfort. The size significantly determines the intimacy factor, but like everything else, striking a balance between the various factors is the best way to pick the best sex doll size for you.