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Top 03 Silicone Sex Dolls Makers

Zelex Future Red Head Silicone Sex Doll with lightsaber 25

The silicone sex doll industry is blasting with new brands and makers springing up like clockwork. Thus, I arranged this rundown of the multitude of top three brands that plan their own unique dolls (no imitation brands).  This rundown work is underway and more will be included in what’s to come. They are partitioned into TPE and Silicone brands, however, most brands make both at this point. Accordingly, they will show up in the material classification they began in. Here is my finished rundown of top Silicone marks presently something else in no specific request.

Shut your eyes briefly and envision what your silicone sex doll ought to resemble. Is it true that she is life-sized, stunning, thin, fair, brunette, white, and dark or brown… perhaps an Asian? With such countless choices accessible, your female silicone sex doll can cost from $500 up to $15500. It’s a venture without a doubt, yet one that will provide you with a great deal of long-haul ‘value’ for the money. The best silicone sex dolls can be altered to whatever brings you outright fulfillment. Also, in particular, they are dependably prepared to fulfill your longing for pussy delight at whatever point you want to.

01. WM Doll 

WM Doll is the most well-known sex doll brand on the planet, and for good explanation. Known for their top-notch material and appealing head plans, WM Doll makes the absolute most sensible and alluring appearances and bodies on the lookout. A large portion of their dolls is intended to draw in Western clients. 


• Most Popular Doll Brand 

• Top notch Dolls 

• North of 300 Heads/Faces to Choose from 

• Many Body Types to Choose from 

• Numerous Realistic Heads and Bodies Designed for Western Audiences 


• Quality control has declined throughout the long term, yet everything looks great • Long creation and transportation times 

• Poor LHP (love opening situation) on specific models

02. Zelex Doll

Zelex doll is a generally new brand on TDF yet has been around beginning 2017. They own the auxiliaries WAXDOLL (Silicone) and AXB Doll (TPE). These brands are famous in Asia yet not very notable in the West. They work in really practical faces and bodies, and taller dolls. Their dolls are very life-like and will interest individuals, everything being equal. 


• Great Dolls 

• Lovely and Realistic Faces and Bodies 

• Itemized Silicone Dolls with Good LHP 

• Reasonable Prices and AXB Doll (TPE) has a ton of assortment 

• Their Salesperson is Very Active on TDF 


• A portion of their photographs are extremely altered or photoshopped 

• Scarcely any Vendors Carry the AXB Brand

03. Irontech Doll 

Irontech Doll is a brand that began building up a forward movement in 2018. They are known for their creative style, with delightful Western appearances, sensible bodies, and quality material. On the off chance that you’re into pretty and remarkable dolls with cartoon Western highlights, you’ll cherish Irontech Doll. Their new Silicone dolls highlight more reasonable appearances. 


• Top notch Dolls 

• Sensible and Unique Faces and Bodies 

• Round and Plump Butts 

• Itemized and Realistic-Looking Vagina 

• New Realistic Silicone Dolls and Affordable Mini Starter Series Dolls 


• Interesting face style (with enormous eyes) won’t speak to everybody 

• Their photography will in general be vigorously altered/photoshopped 

More brands to come! Go ahead and remark beneath and share your contemplation about any of these brands, or propose new brands to add.