Irontechdoll is a successful sex doll manufacturer located in China that creates and sells realistic sex dolls. The company started in 2015 making realistic sex dolls that fits the needs of just about every type of human in today’s society.

With beauty inspired creations as their slogan, this company set out to bring you the most realistic, detailed companion on the market. This collection will cover tens of Irontech dolls most favorable companions, giving you an insight to what could be at your fingertips in no time.

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Whether you're just experimenting on the idea of trying a sex doll for a companion or you're an expert at this type of companionship, Irontech has the right doll for you. Realistic, durable, stylish and detailed with precision, I introduce to you.... HXDOLL is an authorized Irontechdoll retailer in US market. We are happy to offer the best Irontechdoll products!

Key features of Irontech doll

  • Soft, realistic but tough skin for durable use;
  • Great anti-pressure performance and pressure hints, self-recovering capability;
  • Flexible lifelike but tough skeleton;
  • Soulful creation with great focusing on lifelike details;
  • Manipulating friendly.
That almost sums up the basics of the sex doll company Irontech dolls, but before I go I want to mention that they also serve worldwide. Serving the USA all the way to France and around to places like South Africa and Japan. We accept PayPal and major credit and debit cards like Visa and Mastercard. Don't wait any longer, not matter where you are you could have the perfect companion that fits whatever lifestyle you live in no time at a very valuable price. Shop Irontech dolls and order yours today!!!