A full size sex doll came in the shape of a natural person from head to toe and was made of high-quality materials. A female beauty will come in different clothes, such as sexy lingerie. After the act, the package will include vagina cleaning tools-a manual procedure to help you, and a wig to change on the head. These life-size sex doll will look the same, just like you view it in the pictures.


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The advantages of an entire sex doll are. First, they are durable, and you can use them for long-term purposes, and they won't get damaged. Secondly, they are made of TPE material, making them have a real-life tough to experience pleasure with a typical actual human being size.

These whole body love dolls are also flexible and can take any pose because they are made with a metal skeleton from the inside. Additionally, they can be extended from the unique silicone materials that they are made of. You can stretch your doll up to a given length in different body parts like the vagina, mouth, and anus to suit you perfectly.