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A Guide On Childlike Sex Dolls

A Guide On Childlike Sex Dolls

In general, the sale of realistic human sex dolls is a multi-million-dollar industry. Life-size sex dolls are currently manufactured in overseas countries such as China, Hongkong, and Japan. And guess what, they are made to be lifelike as possible. The manufacturers offer real-life complexion, hair, facial features, and body shapes of a child, and these sex dolls are designed with vaginas, anuses, and mouths that could fit an adult penis.

In most studies, the importation of life sex dolls has been a concern, including links to a relationship with child exploitation ownership. The implications of these childlike sex dolls have been linked with child contact sexual offending. Though unproven, buying childlike sex dolls may lead to child sex offenses, child exploitation, and child sexual causes. Selling these kinds of sex dolls could potentially result in the risk of children being objectified as sexual beings.

From a societal perspective, any sexual activities that involve children are unacceptable. These kinds of markets validate sexual gratification in children and almost encourage the use of children for sexual satisfaction. However, those people who buy childlike sex dolls often believe that buying these kinds of real-life dolls neither harms a legal nor moral victim. However, engaging in these kinds of activities is considered a risk of child victimization. Doing the thing with a childlike sex doll is an as much closer experience to an actual child sexual abuse by bridging the fantasy and reality, since it provides their users both physical and emotional stimuli which can lead to the sexualization of minors.

Why You Should Not Buy a Childlike Sex Doll

In Australia, possession of childlike sex dolls is a Commonwealth Offense that gives you a penalty of dismissal without conviction, fines, and sentence of imprisonment. Offenders can also receive other sentencing options depending on the applicable state or territory. The instrumental use of sex dolls is objectified to satisfy sexual urges. However, they characterize girls and women as primarily sexual objects and submissive.

On a personal note, buying and using realistic sex dolls has an ultimate effect on the loss of human intimacy and connection in sexual interactions. Using childlike sex dolls primarily promotes sexualization among children. Normalizing buying of childlike sex dolls may turn into negative influences and attitudes towards women and children and in time, encourage violence, which we all know is a criminal offense.

However, realistic sex dolls do not fall under pornography laws since it is not technically a child. Most online shopping sites had blocked and filtered these prohibited items while understanding and taking policies very seriously and taking actions against sellers who violate the child protection act. Violating this act will result in their account being restricted and suspended.

Are anime looking mini sex dolls childlike sex dolls?

No, anime sex dolls are considered anime figures, most of them are used for display, they have fantasy cartoon look that is different from human child. So anime sex dolls are not childlike sex dolls.

Can Buying a Childlike Sex Doll Make You a Pedophile?

A pedophile is defined as someone who is sustained with a sexual orientation towards children, specifically aged 13 or younger. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has included pedophilia as a mental disorder since 1968. As to APA, pedophilias are persons who have sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors that involve children. Some studies argue that engaging in sexual activities with a childlike sex doll encourages and normalizes dishonest forms of sexual activity.

Because of recent scandals involving famous personalities, pedophilia has been one of the psychiatric disorders known to the general public. Unfortunately, just for them to justify their behaviors, they rationalize and normalize their sexual interactions with children – and this persists for at least 6 months.

Studies show that most pedophiles are men since there is an estimate of a 10 to 1 ratio of male to female minor molesters. This is the result of harming sexual relationships between boys and adult women.

From the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, true pedophiles show specific arousal and have repeated sexual encounters with children.

A mother from the United States has experienced having her daughter’s photo stolen and has copied her child’s image and sold as a childlike sex doll. She was shocked that the sex doll resembled her 8-year-old daughter and has been sold on Amazon. However, it took as long as four days before the sex doll has been removed at Amazon – and this has done a lot of emotional damages not only to the child but also to her family.

Some pedophiles realize that engaging sexually with a child is typically wrong – making them frustrated, isolated, depressed, lonely, and anxious. But this doesn’t mean that being a pedophile makes an excuse due to mental incapacity.

What Are the Legal Risks of Owning Childlike Sex Dolls?

Sadly, owning realistic adult human sex dolls is legal in the United States, but childlike sex dolls have been getting them banned through the US via the Creeper Act of 2017. The bill aims to block the importation and transportation of childlike dolls, mannequins, or robots that are intended to be used in sexual acts. Normalizing this kind of work suggests that doll ownership affects promoting sexual violence and sexual abuse, which is also defined as pedophilia.

However, recent analyses stress that there is no concrete evidence that realistic sex doll ownership elevates to levels of sexual objectification. But morally speaking, this is an actual representation of a lack of respect for women and especially children. Some philosophical authors discussed the possibility of child-sex dolls giving them the satisfaction of achieving sexual satisfaction, dominance, power, and control over women.

These wrongdoings are not preventing child sexual and women abuse, said Michael Bourke, Ph. D., who has worked with sex offenders in the federal prison system. He also said that using realistic sex dolls is satisfying the fantasies of pedophiles more real.


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